Behavioral Guides

Behavioral Guides

Breaking Bad Habits in Parrots

by: G. Glendell

How responsible and sympathetic parrot care can prevent or remedy problem behaviors.

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Good Parrotkeeping

by: R. Deutsch

A comprehensive guide to all things parrot.

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Guide to a Well-behaved Parrot

by: M. Athan

Prevent or eliminate the most common behavior problems -screamin, biting, and feather plucking. Understand the need for positive reinforcement of the behavior you wish to become habitual. Also includes information on what to do if your bird flies away. Third edition.

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The Parrot Companion

by: R. Low

Guidelines to help you make an informed decision when buying a parrot. Also includes advice on how to choose a parrot compatible with your lifestyle, and facts on nutrition and health care.

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The Second-hand Parrot

by: M. Athan, D. Deter

Information on adopting, housing, feeding, health care, grooming, and socialization. Includes special chapter: Your re-homed Parrot.

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The Simple Guide to Bird Care & Training

by: J. Rach

Information on choosing, housing, training, feeding, and health care for your bird.

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Your Outta Control Bird

by: N. Moustaki

How to turn your beastly bird into a captivating companion.

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